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Baldi Brothers Bank and Real Estate Building

 We have in the Baldi brothers an example of what can be done by the activity and work of an Italian in America.  They ascended from the selling of fruit, to today directing an industrial multiplex of the first order.  The sale of wholesale coal, a real estate office, and a banking institution, all united and administered admirably.  They instituted a cigar factory, a work center for the Italians, a fountain of pure water in the neighborhood, and the cleaning up of the area (where the establishments are), previously overwhelmed by the odors of a tannery.  In addition, they donated a three-story building to be used as a hospital for Italians.  They sought initiatives of the church, school, monuments and local charitable associations, defending Italians in prison and deceased.  The magnitude of the patriotic deeds are documented and characteristics of the Baldi brothers have merited praise, both locally and nationally.
Recent Cavalier C.C.A. Baldi presented before the Commissioner of Immigration in Washington a passionate defense of many Italian immigrants.  Many times he has been chosen to represent the City of Philadelphia, and ultimately it was Mayor Reyburn who delegated him to be one of the ten representatives for Philadelphia in the 3rd Annual Convention of the Atlantic Deeper Waterway Association held in Providence, Rhode Island last September 30.
Here is how an Italian can be proud of himself, of his colony and his Fatherland.

From the book, Americans of Italian Decent 1910


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